How it Works

Anyone with web access can view the Oballo leagues at any time.

In order to participate in a league, you must have an Oballo Member ID which is free and can be obtained using the New User dialog which is accessible from the Oballo home page.

Your information will never be given out, nor will you receive any spam or junk mail. The requested information is minimal. We need a unique email address to verify your account and track your history. Your location is required so we can distinguish between different players with the same or similar name.


In order to join a team, a player must login to his/her existing account and select the “Join a Team” function from the user’s account home page. When you login your account home page will be displayed and you will see this option available.

Your team captain will give you a team number after your league and team has been created.


In order to create a new league, an Oballo member must fill out a league request form. In order to do this, the member must be logged into his/her account. Upon approval, the league will be created and the requester will be granted commissioner access to that league. The commissioner will have the responsibility to create the teams in the league and identify the captains. The commissioner is also responsible for creating the schedule and can upload league rules.

Team Captain

Each team will have a captain and, optionally, a co-captain who has the responsibility for that team in a particular league. They have the ability to enter match scores for matches that their team plays in.